Optimizing Grid, Solar Electricity with Inverter

The post discusses a circuit method which may be used to automatically switch and adjust the stronger counterpart amongst the solar panel, battery and the grid such that the load always gets the optimized power for an interrupted error for¬†operations. The idea was requested by Mr. Raj. The Circuit Request Dear Swagatam, Your projects/ circuits … Read more

PWM Air Blower Controller Circuit for Biomass Cook Stoves

The article details a PWM speed controller circuit for a fan air blower system to be used in Biomass cook stoves. The circuit also includes an uninterrupted automatic battery back-up supply with an integrated automatic battery charger circuit for the particular application. The idea was requested by Mr. Tushar and Sivaranjani. The Circuit Request Thanks … Read more

LM317 IC Tester Circuit

Here is simple but handy testing circuit for LM317 adjustable voltage regulator IC. I am sure it can be used to test other similar ICs like LM117, LM158, LM358 etc. The circuit is pretty straightforward. The circuit is based on normal configuration of adjustable voltage regulator. How the Circuit Works For details follow https://www.homemade-circuits.com/2011/12/how-to-build-simplest-variable-power.html A … Read more