How Electret Microphones Work

The post explains how electret microphone devices work, through appropriate diagrams and formulas. A microphone is a device designed for transforming weak sound vibrations into tiny electrical pulses, which can be then amplified through a power amplifier over a loudspeaker for achieving a louder reproduction of the sound. The most common and versatile form of … Read more

How Flex Resistors Work

As electronics enthusiasts we may come across many kinds of resistors, from small fixed resistor to high current bulk rheostat. There are humongous classifications among resistors, but here we will focus on a particular kind of resistor called “flex resistor” and learn how it works. By Girish Radhakrishnan As the name signifies a flex resistor … Read more

Electric Match (Ematch) Firework Ignitor Circuit

The post comprehensively explains a simple electric match igniter circuit which can used for implementing a foolproof ignition of a series of Ematches through a microcontroller based control system. The idea was requested and explained by Mr. Jerry Shallis The details may be understood by reading the following email discussion between Mr. Jerry and me. … Read more