AC 220V/120V Mains Surge Protector Circuits

Voltage spikes  can sometimes be a big nuisance as far as the safety of the various electronic appliances are concerned. Let’s learn how to make a simple AC Mains surge protector circuits at home. What is Voltage In Rush A sudden voltage spike is basically a sharp rise in the voltage lasting not more than … Read moreAC 220V/120V Mains Surge Protector Circuits

Simple Peltier Refrigerator Circuit

In this post we learn a straightforward procedure for building a simple refrigerator using Peltier device for generating the required cooling effect inside the fridge. How Peltier Device Works We are all familiar with a Peltier device and know how it functions. Basically it works on the principle of thermo-electric effect (opposite of Seebeck Effect) … Read moreSimple Peltier Refrigerator Circuit

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Circuit for TV sets and Refrigerator

stabilizer relay transformer wiring diagram

Here we will study the design of a simple automatic mains AC voltage stabilizer which can be applied for safeguarding appliances like TV and refrigerators from fluctuating voltages. A voltage stabilizer is a device which is used to sense inappropriate voltage levels and correct them to produce a reasonably stable output at the output where the load … Read moreAutomatic Voltage Stabilizer Circuit for TV sets and Refrigerator

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