Force Sensing Resistor Explained

In this article we are going to see, what force sensing resistor is, their construction, specification and finally how to interface it with Arduino microcontroller. What is Force Sensing Resistor A force sensing resistor senses the force applied to it and correspondingly changes its resistance. The resistance is inversely proportional to force. This means when … Read moreForce Sensing Resistor Explained

How to Select MOV – Explained with a Practical Design

MOVs or metal oxide varistors are devices designed for controlling mains switch ON surges in electrical and electronic circuits. Selecting an MOV for a particular electronic circuit might require some consideration and calculation, let’s learn the procedures here. What are MOVs Metal oxide varistors or simply varistors are non-linear surge suppressor devices which are used … Read moreHow to Select MOV – Explained with a Practical Design

LM35 Pinout, Datasheet, Application Circuit

The post explains how to make an LM35 application circuit by understanding its datasheet, pinouts and other technical specifications. By: SS kopparthy LM35 Main Specifications The IC LM35 is a temperature measuring device that looks like a transistor (most popular package is TO-92 package). This device is found in most of the circuits that need … Read moreLM35 Pinout, Datasheet, Application Circuit

IC 555 Pinouts, Astable, Monostable, Bistable Modes Explored

The post explains the basic pinout details of the timer IC 555, and how to configure the IC in its standard or popular astable, bistable, and monostable circuit modes. The post also details the various formulas for calculating the IC 555 parameters. Our hobby world would be less interesting without IC 555. It would be … Read moreIC 555 Pinouts, Astable, Monostable, Bistable Modes Explored

SMD Resistors – Introduction and Working

Resistors which are based on SMT technology are called SMT resistors which are one of the members of the SMD family or surface mount device family. By: S. Prakash The electronic equipment of various types such as televisions, commercial communication equipment, cell phones, research equipment of high technology and MP3 player uses the SMD resistors. … Read moreSMD Resistors – Introduction and Working

Types of Switches, Working and Internal Details

One of the key elements used in the industry of the electronics is the switches. The various different types of tasks for which the switches are used include providing the power supply to a circuit and selection of a specific element for the circuit which will be used in a given specific application or operation. … Read moreTypes of Switches, Working and Internal Details

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