LM386 Amplifier Circuit – Working Specifications Explained

The IC LM386 is a 8-pin tiny power amplifier chip, specially made for operating under relatively low voltage parameters, yet provide considerable amplification. IC LM386 amplifier circuit becomes suitable for applying in small low power audio gadgets like in FM radios, door bells, telephones etc. Let’s begin the IC LM386 amplifier explanation by studying its absolute maximum ratings … Read moreLM386 Amplifier Circuit – Working Specifications Explained

How to Replace a Transistor (BJT) with a MOSFET

In this post we discuss the method of correctly replacing a BJT with a Mosfet, without affecting the final outcome of the circuit. Introduction Until mosfets arrived in the field of electronics, transistors or BJTs to be precise ruled the power switching circuits and applications. Though even Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs) can not be ignored … Read moreHow to Replace a Transistor (BJT) with a MOSFET

Cheapest SMPS Circuit Using MJE13005

The explained circuit in this article is probably the simplest and the cheapest, since it employs minimum number of components and the making of the circuit is very straightforward. Circuit Operation Generally SMPS topology involves some fixed standard stages and criteria. Thgey may be listed in the following manner: The first stage which is the … Read moreCheapest SMPS Circuit Using MJE13005

Transistor 2N3904 – Pinout and Specifications

In this post we learn the main specifications and pinout details of the NPN transistor 2N3904 Introduction The transistor 2N3904 comes under the category of NPN small signal, low power, general purpose transistor, mainly applicable for switching and for signal amplification. It’s dynamic range may include a current handling capability of more than 100mA for … Read moreTransistor 2N3904 – Pinout and Specifications

BEL188 Transistor – Specification and Datasheet

The transistor 188 is one of my favorites, simply because even being so tiny it’s able to handle currents as high as 1 Amp. Understanding BEL188 Transistor Specification/Datasheet The transistor BEL188 is a general purpose transistor, and due to its wide voltage and current rating can be used for almost all small to medium power … Read moreBEL188 Transistor – Specification and Datasheet

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