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Musical Christmas Decoration Light Circuit

A very interesting musical Christmas decoration light circuit can be built using a single IC, and some other few passive components, let’s learn the details as furnished below. By: Ritu Panday How it Works The circuit of a selectable muti-musical song player with 5 sequential light pattern generator is discussed here using just a single … Read moreMusical Christmas Decoration Light Circuit

“WELCOME” LED Display Circuit

The post explains how to make a chasing “WELCOME” display circuit sign board, which illuminates each alphabet sequentially until all the 7 alphabets are lit and then the whole display shuts off, the cycle continues permanently as long as the circuit is powered. Overview I have already discussed a similar concept explaining a bar graph … Read more“WELCOME” LED Display Circuit

Switching Two Alternate Loads ON/OFF with IC 555

In this post we learn how to make a simple IC 555 based alternate relay timer circuit for toggling a couple of loads alternately with a specified length of delay, as determined by the calculated values of the relevant components. The idea was requested by Mr. Sanjoy. Circuit Objectives and Requirements I am a regular … Read moreSwitching Two Alternate Loads ON/OFF with IC 555

220V Dual Alternate Lamp Flasher Circuit

This is a mains operated transformerless flasher circuit that can be used for alternately switching a couple of CFL or similar 220V/120V lamp to produce a decorative lighting effect. Circuit Operation The below shown design depicts a simple mains operated dual or alternate lamp flasher, which is designed to flash or blink two mains operated … Read more220V Dual Alternate Lamp Flasher Circuit

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