Relay Trigger by Color Detection Using Arduino

In this post we are going to construct a circuit which can detect color and trigger respective assigned relays. This project is accomplished using TCS3200 color sensor and Arduino board. By Girish Radhakrishnan If you haven’t read the previous article, please go through it where we have discussed the basics of color sensing using TCS3200 … Read more

Contactless Sensors – Infrared, Temperarture/Humidity, Capacitive, Light

The article discusses a few highly advanced contactles sensors such as infrared sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, light sensor which can be used for crucial and sensitive industrial applications, and manufacturing plants. Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the growth of its industry-leading sensing integrated circuits with the inclusion of 4 innovative products that may empower technical … Read more

Mini Weather Station Using Arduino

In this post we are going to construct an interesting Arduino based mini weather station project, which can show you ambient temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality and much more data from your surroundings, which can be used to predict weather from home. By Girish Radhakrishnan If you are interested in meteorology this project might come … Read more