Arduino Random RGB Light Generator Circuit

The  article discusses a simple,Arduino red, green, blue LED light effect generator circuit in a random pattern. In one of the earlier posts we came across a similar RGB LED effect generator circuit using Arduino which was programmed to produce the effect in a flowing sequential manner, whereas here the set up can be expected … Read moreArduino Random RGB Light Generator Circuit

Arduino RGB Flowing Sequential Light Circuit

This Arduino RGB sequential light generator circuit will generate a smooth flowing red, green blue pattern over the connected RGB LED. The LED used here is a four pin 30mA RGB LED, common anode type, meaning the common pin for this LED will need to be assigned a continuous positive for the required operations. The … Read moreArduino RGB Flowing Sequential Light Circuit

Subwoofer Music Level Indicator Circuit

The post discusses a  LED music power level indicator for indicating a subwoofer bass power range, which can be also modified as an effective dancing Electroluminescent Wire light show. The idea was requested by Mr. David. Technical Specifications Here’s an idea or suggestion for your projects or what ever lol My son picked up some … Read moreSubwoofer Music Level Indicator Circuit

Simple RGB LED Controller Circuit

In this post we learn how to make a simple RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED controller circuit which may be designated to flash a group of RGB LEDs with a particular sequencing pattern. The idea was requested by Mr. Navdeep. Technical Specifications i want to make a display board with red, green and blue leds. … Read moreSimple RGB LED Controller Circuit

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