220V Diwali, Christmas Chasing Light Circuit

The post explains a simple, compact, 220V, 120V transformerless light chaser circuit which can be used for illuminating mains operated lamps in a sequential chasing manner. Main Technical Features The chasing effect can be altered by means of pot controls. The system can be used as a decorative lighting during festive seasons like in Christmas … Read more

Knight Rider LED Chaser Circuit

The article discusses the construction details of the popular “knight rider” chaser circuit incorporating LEDs as well as mains operated bulbs through triacs. The proposed circuit is transformerless and is thus a lot compact and light weight. The Circuit Concept It’s basically a light chaser or a running light effect generator circuit, quite resembling the … Read more

200 LED Reverse Forward Light Chaser Circuit – for Diwali, Christmas Decorations

The following article explaining a 200 nos. LED forward reverse light chaser circuit was requested by Mr. Nagaraj. Let’s learn more regarding how to implement the proposed high number LED light chaser circuit. Actually the present design is a modification of a previously discussed light chaser circuit which utilized just single LEDs per channel, that’s five in all … Read more