50V 3-Phase BLDC Motor Driver Circuit

This yet another versatile 3-phase driver device in the form of IC L6235 ¬†from ST Microelectronics allows you to drive a 50V 3-phase¬†BLDC motor with extreme efficiency.The chip also includes all the required protection features built-in, along with an easy to configure external speed control stage. Description The IC L6235 is an embedded DMOS 3-phase … Read more

Compact 3-Phase IGBT Driver IC STGIPN3H60 – Datasheet, Pinout

In this post we discuss the datasheet, and the pinout specification of the IC STGIPN3H60 from ST microelectronics, which is perhaps the slimmest and the smartest 3-phase IGBT driver IC featuring in-built IGBTs, rated to work with 600V DC bus and upto 3 amp current, that’s equivalent to almost 1800 VA handling power. In this website … Read more