Arduino is an open-source computer hardware and software organization, development and consumer online community that design and produces microcontroller-based kits for setting up electronic gadgets and entertaining accessories configured to detect and regulate things in the natural world.

The undertaking is founded on microcontroller board layouts, bought from plenty of distributors, applying assorted microcontrollers.

These types of devices render collections of electronic and analog I/O pins which are often interfaced to a number of extension boards ("shields") as well as other circuits. The boards consist of serial connectivity interfaces, such as USB on few versions, for installing applications from PCs.

For encoding the microcontrollers, the Arduino development delivers an incorporated production ecosystem (IDE) determined by the Working endeavor, which incorporates assistance for the C and C++ encoding languages.

The very first Arduino was launched in 2005, hoping to present an affordable and hassle-free opportunity for rookies and seasoned players to establish equipment that communicate with their surroundings by means of sensors and switchers.

Widespread instances of these kinds of equipment aimed at newbie hobbyists feature basic robots, thermostats, and motion detectors.

Arduino boards can be purchased commercially in preassembled variation, or like build-it-yourself packages.

The hardware layout prerequisites are explicitly on the market, making it possible for the Arduino boards to be produced by just about anyone.

Adafruit Sectors anticipated in mid-2011 that over 300,000 authorized Arduinos were being commercially released, and in 2013 that seven hundred,000 approved boards were in users' fingertips.

In this website we have tried to present some of the best assorted Arduino Projects ranging from easiest projects for the new hobbyists, to the rather complex ones specially dedicated for the professionals and engineering students. You can check out the list below: