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Simplest Windmill Generator Circuit

The post explains how to make a simple windmill generator circuit which can be used for charging batteries, or for operating any desired electrical equipment, all through day and night, free of cost. Solar Panel vs Windmill One of the biggest drawback of solar panel electricity is that it’s available only during the day time … Read moreSimplest Windmill Generator Circuit


IC 555 – How it Works Everything you wanted to know about the IC 555: Pinout details, modes of operations, formulas, solved examples. Inverter/Converter Best small power inverter circuits from 50 watt to 5000 watts. Get 220V AC or 120V AC from any lead acid battery rated from 12V to 48V with appropriate Ah rating. … Read moreHome

Videos – Circuit Test Results

 3:22 How to Test a Mosfet with a Multimeter 6 views 6 hours ago  0:48 Simple Arduino Siren Circuit 6 views 1 day ago  1:25 Simple Laser Remote Control Circuit 30 views 1 day ago  1:13 Simple Mosfet Timer Delay Circuit 15 views 1 day ago  2:05 Simple Continuity Tester using Transistors 7 views 1 … Read moreVideos – Circuit Test Results

How Crank Flashlights Work

How to make a crank flashlight circuit

A crank flashlight basically works by hand cranking a permanent magnet motor, which generates electricity for illuminating the attached LEDs. Motor Becomes a Generator Normally, a permanent magnet motor is used for executing a rotational movement by applying a DC potential across its specified supply terminals. However we also know that the same motor can … Read moreHow Crank Flashlights Work

Universal ESC Circuit for BLDC and Alternator motors

In this post we discuss a universal ESC circuit or an electronic speed controller circuit which can be universally applied for controlling any type 3 phase BLDC or even an alternator motor. What is an ESC An ESC or electronic speed controller is an electronic circuit which is normally used for operating and controlling a … Read moreUniversal ESC Circuit for BLDC and Alternator motors

RPM Controller Circuit for Diesel Generators

The post discusses a diesel generator RPM controller circuit for boats using PWM technique and also using a simple triac shunt circuit. The idea was requested by Mr. Dave. Circuit Objectives and Requirements I have been looking with interest at your electronic circuits web site and would appreciate it you could comment on the following … Read moreRPM Controller Circuit for Diesel Generators

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