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Low Dropout Voltage Regulator IC KA378R12C – Pinout and Working Specs

The article explains the pinout functions, and datasheet of a versatile low dropout voltage regulator IC KA378R12, and also presents a circuit diagram showing how to use the IC in practical applications. A related question was asked by Mr. Jon, which inspired me to update this post. The question can be seen in the following … Read moreLow Dropout Voltage Regulator IC KA378R12C – Pinout and Working Specs

Understanding Motorcycle Voltage Regulator Wiring

The article provides a detailed explanation regarding the various voltage regulator wiring configurations used in motorcycles. The article was submitted by Mr. Abu-Hafss. Technical Specifications After working on different voltage regulators, I feel to share my findings on your blog so that other people may also get benefit. Please insert the diagrams appropriately in the … Read moreUnderstanding Motorcycle Voltage Regulator Wiring

Push Button Fan Regulator Circuit with Display

A very interesting push button operated fan regulator circuit with LED display is explained in the following article, which can be built and installed at home for the suggested purpose. The idea was requested by Mr. Sriram KP. The Design Normally all fan regulators whether it’s a mechanical or electronic employ a rotary kind of … Read morePush Button Fan Regulator Circuit with Display

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) Circuit

An automatic voltage regulator circuit is quite well used where Voltage supply is only 120VAC. Many gadgets can operate good at 220V Ac that is why Voltage regulation is needed. By: Mehran Manzoor For this matter an appropriate voltage Regulator circuit is designed which can operate up to capacity of 1KW and gives Variable voltage … Read moreAutomatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) Circuit

Motorcycle Regulator, Rectifier Tester Circuit

The motorcycle regulator, rectifier tester circuit presented here can be used to test a 6-wire shunt type regulator-rectifiers for a 3-phase charging system of motorcycles. These reg./rectifiers (RR-units) are usually sealed with epoxy and it is considered difficult to find out if the unit is faulty or not. Designed and Written by: Abu-Hafss As the … Read moreMotorcycle Regulator, Rectifier Tester Circuit

Making 3.3V, 5V Voltage Regulator Circuit with Diodes and Transistors

In this post we learn to make 3.3V, 5V voltage regulator circuits from higher voltage sources, such as 12V or a 24V source without ICs. Linear ICs Normally a step down voltage from a higher voltage source is obtained by using a linear IC such as a 78XX series voltage regulator IC or a buck … Read moreMaking 3.3V, 5V Voltage Regulator Circuit with Diodes and Transistors

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