1500 watt PWM Sinewave Inverter Circuit

1500 watt inverter oscilloscope SPWM trace

A vey basic yet reasonably efficient 1500W PWM based sinewwave inverter circuit can be studied under this post. The design utilizes very ordinary parts to accomplish a powerful SPWM type inverter circuit. Main Specifications Power Output: Adjustable from 500 watts to 1500 watts Output Voltage: 120V or 220V as per the transformer specs Output Frequency: … Read more1500 watt PWM Sinewave Inverter Circuit

Arduino SPWM Generator Circuit – Code Details and Diagram

In this post we learn how to generate sine wave pulse-width-modulation or SPWM through Arduino, which can be used for making a pure sine wave inverter circuit or similar gadgets. The Arduino code is developed by me, and it is my first Arduino code, …and it looks pretty good 🙂 What is SPWM I have … Read moreArduino SPWM Generator Circuit – Code Details and Diagram

Triac Phase Control using PWM Time Proportional

A triac phase control using a PWM circuit can be useful only if it’s implemented using a time-proportional format, otherwise the response could be haphazard and inefficient. In a few of of my earlier articles as given below: Simple Remote Controlled Fan Regulator Circuit Push Button Fan Regulator with Display Circuit Dimmer Circuit for LED … Read moreTriac Phase Control using PWM Time Proportional

Bluetooth PWM Motor Controller Circuit

The post explains how to use Bluetooth technology for transmitting PWM wirelessly, the circuit application could be used for controlling various appliances such as motors, lights, RC gadgets etc using your Android phone. The Bluetooth PWM Transmitter In one of my earlier posts I explained how to hack and modify a Bluetooth headset for making … Read moreBluetooth PWM Motor Controller Circuit

PWM Controlled Voltage Stabilizer Circuit

The post explains how to make a high power 100V to 220V H-bridge mains voltage stabilizer circuit using automatic PWM control. The idea was requested by Mr. Sajjad. Circuit Objectives and Requirements I really surprised by your works and intentions to help people, Now allow me to get to my point, I need a voltage … Read morePWM Controlled Voltage Stabilizer Circuit