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Wireless Music Level Indicator Circuit

music light effect

This simple circuit will create dazzling LED light effect by detecting any music frequency in the atmosphere and by illuminating a 10 LED bar graph meter, indicating the level of music. The proposed circuit is suitable for applications where music and entertainment are involved, such as in parties, festivals, get to togethers etc. Since the … Read moreWireless Music Level Indicator Circuit

Ultrasonic Wireless Water Level Indicator – Solar Powered

In this post we are going to construct a ultrasonic based solar powered wireless water level indicator using Arduino in which the Arduinos would be transmitting and receiving at 2.4 GHz wireless frequency. We will be detecting the water level in the tank using ultasonics instead of traditional electrode method. Overview Water level indicator is … Read moreUltrasonic Wireless Water Level Indicator – Solar Powered

Cell Phone Ring to Flashing Lamp Indicator for People with Hearing Loss

The post explains a simple sound to flashing lamp circuit which can be used for facilitating people with hearing loss, so that they are able to visualize a distant cell phone rings through flashing of a lamp, and immediately understand regarding an incoming call in their cell phone. The following explanation and the circuit design … Read moreCell Phone Ring to Flashing Lamp Indicator for People with Hearing Loss

Patient Drip Empty Warning Indicator Circuit

In this post we will learn about a simple mechanism, and a circuit which will enable a patient’s IV drip bottle system to sound an alarm whenever it gets almost empty, and needs a replacement. The warning circuit will help doctors and the concerned employees to concentrate on other important matters while the drip systems … Read morePatient Drip Empty Warning Indicator Circuit

Intruder Position Indicator Security Circuit

The post explains an LED based intruder position indicator circuit which will indicate the position of the burglar throughout the secured corridor as the person tries to sneak past the area.The idea was requested by Mr. Michael. Circuit Objectives and Requirements Your articles are nice, well done. sir can this, close and open door security … Read moreIntruder Position Indicator Security Circuit

Arduino Battery Level Indicator Circuit

In this post, we are going to construct an Arduino based  battery level indicator, where a series of 6 LEDs show the level of the battery. If you are interested in monitoring and maintenance of your 12V battery, this circuit might become handy. By: Arduino Guru Why Battery Level Monitoring is Crucial All batteries have … Read moreArduino Battery Level Indicator Circuit

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