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2N3055 Datasheet, Pinout, Application Circuits

In this post we comprehensively discuss the pinout function, electrical specications, and application designs for the power transistor 2N3055. If you are an electronic hobbyist, you might have certainly used this very useful, and efficient power transistor at least once in your experiments. I have used 2N3055 transistor many number of times in many of … Read more2N3055 Datasheet, Pinout, Application Circuits

LM324 Quick Datasheet and Application Circuits

LM324 IC pinout diagram details

In this post we are going to take a look at the popular LM 324 IC. We will be looking at the pin configuration, its important features and its technical specifications and finally we will be looking at some of the fundamental application circuits using LM 324. If you are looking for a low voltage … Read moreLM324 Quick Datasheet and Application Circuits

Compact 3-Phase IGBT Driver IC STGIPN3H60 – Datasheet, Pinout

In this post we discuss the datasheet, and the pinout specification of the IC STGIPN3H60 from ST microelectronics, which is perhaps the slimmest and the smartest 3-phase IGBT driver IC featuring in-built IGBTs, rated to work with 600V DC bus and upto 3 amp current, that’s equivalent to almost 1800 VA handling power. 3-Phase IGBT Driver … Read moreCompact 3-Phase IGBT Driver IC STGIPN3H60 – Datasheet, Pinout

How to Identify Component Specifications

The post explains the correct way of understanding and identifying component specifications in a given circuit diagram, even if the details are missing in the document or the schematic. Schematics without Part Specifications When a new hobbyist searches for a particular electronic circuit of his choice, the internet provides him with a multitude of schematics … Read moreHow to Identify Component Specifications

IC 4047 Datasheet, Pinouts, Application Notes

The IC 4047 is one of those devices which promises an unlimited range of circuit application solutions. The IC is so versatile that on many occasions it easily outsmarts it’s close rival, the IC 555, let’s study the datasheet and pinout details of this versatile chip. Main Datasheet and Specifications: In-built oscillator with variable frequency … Read moreIC 4047 Datasheet, Pinouts, Application Notes

Half-Bridge Mosfet Driver IC IRS2153(1)D Datasheet

The post details the datasheet, specifications, pinout configurations and a few application circuit for the IC IRS2153 which is a half-bridge IC from Texas Instruments. The unique feature of this half bridge driver is that it does not have to depend on external logic sources for the operations, rather allows configuring its own oscillator through … Read moreHalf-Bridge Mosfet Driver IC IRS2153(1)D Datasheet

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