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3 Smart Laser Alarm Protection Circuits

The post discusses the making of 3 simple yet effective smart laser alarm protection circuit using the IC 555, for securing a specified restricted zone from human interventions. The idea was requested by Mr. Collins. Circuit Objectives and Requirements I just want to tell you what an amazing passion and dedication to electronics you have … Read more3 Smart Laser Alarm Protection Circuits

433 MHz Remote Infrared Wireless Alarm

A simple infrared wireless alarm circuit can be built using an 433 MHz RF remote control unit a TSOP based IR sensor, let’s learn the procedures in detail. In a few of the other posts I have discussed regarding these RF remote control modules. For more info you may go through the following relevant article: … Read more433 MHz Remote Infrared Wireless Alarm

Laptop Anti-theft Security Alarm Circuit

The post explains a simple laptop anti-theft alarm circuit which can used with any concerned object such as a laptop which needs to be protected, when an intruder tries to approach the unit or makes an attempt to steal it the connected alarm is instantly raised. The idea was requested by one of the dedicated … Read moreLaptop Anti-theft Security Alarm Circuit

50 Best Engineering Projects for Final Year Students

engineering students projects electronic

In this post we sort out a list of most popular, 50 hand-picked and best engineering circuit projects specially created for all aspiring engineers for their final year project exhibition. The circuit projects include the latest and advanced microprocessor Arduino based designs with full program code. The list also includes projects using discrete parts which … Read more50 Best Engineering Projects for Final Year Students

Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor Circuit

PIR with delay ON alarm

The post discuses the pinout details of the standard passive infrared (PIR) sensor RE200B and also explains how to make a motion detector circuit using a single transistor and relay, which can detect the IR radiation from human body and activate the attached relay. What is a PIR PIR is the acronym for Passive Infra … Read morePassive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor Circuit

Ultrasonic Wireless Water Level Indicator – Solar Powered

In this post we are going to construct a ultrasonic based solar powered wireless water level indicator using Arduino in which the Arduinos would be transmitting and receiving at 2.4 GHz wireless frequency. We will be detecting the water level in the tank using ultasonics instead of traditional electrode method. Overview Water level indicator is … Read moreUltrasonic Wireless Water Level Indicator – Solar Powered

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