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Electronic Scoreboard Circuit Using IC 4033 Counter

A simple multi-digit electronic score board system can be built using a basic 4033 IC counter circuit. The whole procedure is explained in the following article. So far we have learned quiet a lot about this interesting IC 4033 through the following posts that have comprehensively discussed the pinouts and cascading procedures of the chip. … Read moreElectronic Scoreboard Circuit Using IC 4033 Counter

How to Cascade IC 4033 in Multiple Digit Counter Display

The article comprehensively explains the how to cascade many 4033 ICs together for driving multiple 7 segment counter displays. In one of my previous articles I have uniquely explained the role of pin#3 and pin#4 which become crucial when the IC 4033 are intended to function for driving multiple displays. Multiple Digit Display I tried … Read moreHow to Cascade IC 4033 in Multiple Digit Counter Display

IC 4033 Pinouts, Datasheet, Application

Here we learn the main features, specifications and datasheet of the IC 4033 through a detailed technical analysis. How IC 4033 Works The IC 4033 is another Johnson decade counter/decoder IC specifically designed for working with 7 segment displays. Basically it’s a clock or pulse counter IC which responds to positive pulses at its clock … Read moreIC 4033 Pinouts, Datasheet, Application

Pressure Cooker Whistle Counter Circuit

This circuit is designed to sense the whistles from a pressure cooker and count the number over a digital display. The system relieves the user from the stress of constantly monitoring the cooker and from manually counting the whistles. The idea was requested by Mr. P.K. Bajpai Design Concept In many of the Asian countries … Read morePressure Cooker Whistle Counter Circuit

How to Make a Transformer Winding Counter Circuit

The post details how to make a simple transformer winding counter circuit using ordinary LEDs and also through an advanced digital display circuit. The idea was requested by one of the dedicated readers of this blog Circuit Objectives and Requirements I want a circuit which counts a number of turns for winding a transformer which … Read moreHow to Make a Transformer Winding Counter Circuit

How to Convert Voltage to Frequency

The IC VFC32 is an advanced voltage to frequency converter device from BURR-BROWN specifically designed to produce an extremely proportional frequency response to the fed input voltage for a given voltage to frequency converter circuit application. How the Device Functions If the input voltage varies, the output frequency follows this and varies proportionately with a … Read moreHow to Convert Voltage to Frequency

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