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Battery Chargers

A battery charger, or recharger, is an equipment accustomed to supply electric power into a supplementary cell or rechargeable battery pack by pressuring an electric current into it. I have presented many thoroughly researched battery charging concepts which promise not only the best possible way of charging your battery but also equipped to implement the … Continue reading

Universal Battery Charger Circuit with Fixed Resistors

This universal automatic battery charger circuit is extremely versatile with its functioning and can be adapted for all types of battery charging and even for solar charge controller application. A universal battery charger circuit must have the following main features included in it: 1) Automatic battery full charge cut-off, and automatic low battery charging initialization, … Continue reading

Opamp Low High Battery Charger Controller Circuit

The post discusses a two opamp low high battery charger controller circuit which is not only accurate with its features but also allows a hassle free and quick setting up of its high/low cut-off threshold limits. The idea was requested by Mr. Mamdouh. The Request Hi Mr Swagatam, I’ve got the idea, please bear with … Continue reading

High Voltage Battery Charger Circuit

The post details a simple automatic High Voltage Battery Charger Circuit which can be used for an automatic charging control of any preferred high voltage battery bank such as a 360V battery bank. The idea was requested by “resonance”.  The Request Hello yonder, I found all your circuit and projects interesting but please I need … Continue reading

Designing a Customized Battery Charger Circuit: Part 1

I have designed and published a variety of battery charger circuits in this website, however the readers often get confused while selecting the right battery charger circuit for their individual applications. And I have to explicitly explain each of the readers regarding how to customize the given battery charger circuit for their specific needs. The … Continue reading

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How to Design an UPS Circuit – Tutorial

In this brief tutorial we learn how to design a customized UPS circuit at home using ordinary components such as a few NAND ICs and a some relays. UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply, these units are designed with an intention to provide power to the connected load without slightest bit of interruption during power … Continue reading