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Surge Arrestor Circuit with Surge Measuring Facility

In this post we learn about a simple surge voltage protector circuit using a fuse and a triac crowbar circuit and also learn the method to record and measure the last maximum surge that could have destroyed the specified load in case the protection was not introduced. The idea was requested by Mr. Akram.

Soft Start Soft Stop Circuit for Motors

The post explains how to make a triac based slow soft start and slow end or slow stop circuit for heavy machine motors so that the motors are able to gradual start stop actions instead of switching ON/OFF abruptly.

10 Stage Sequential Latch Switch Circuit

In this post we learn how to make a 10 step sequentially switching latch circuit which is used for switching ON 10 high power amplifiers sequentially. The idea was requested by Mr. Jerry B. Williams

SG3525 Full Bridge Inverter Circuit

In this post we try to investigate how to design a SG3525 full bridge inverter circuit by applying an external bootstrap circuit in the design. The idea was requested by Mr. Mr. Abdul, and many other avid readers of this website.