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Automatic Stopwatch Circuit for Runners

In this post we are going to construct a stopwatch which automatically starts timer when the runner begins to run and the timer stops when the runner reaches the end. The elapsed time between starting and ending point is displayed on a 16 x 2 LCD.

Clap Operated Toy Car Circuit

In this post we study how to make a simple clap operated toy car circuit using a clap switch circuit and a MIC amplifier, to control its forward and reverse movements,  in response to the claps of the user. The idea was requested by Mr, Zeeshan.

Mini Weather Station Using Arduino

 In this post we are going to construct an interesting Arduino based mini weather station project, which can show you ambient temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality and much more data from your surroundings, which can be used to predict weather from home.

Simple Cloth Dryer Circuit

The post explains a simple homemade electric cloth dryer circuit using iron heater coil assembly which can be used for drying clothes at home during rainy season or overcast conditions. The idea was requested by Mr. Nelson.

Induction Heater Circuit for Labs and Shops

The post explains how to make small homemade induction heater circuit for laboratories and shops for carrying out small scale heating jobs such as melting ornaments, or boiling small quantity of liquids using electricity or battery The idea was requested by Mr. Suni and Mr. naeem