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Submersible Timer Circuit with Pause Feature during Mains Failures

The post explains a submersible pump timer circuit programmed to cycle at 60 minute interval for watering the fields consistently. It also includes a time "memory" feature which ensures that the timer "remembers" the counting during mains failures, and restarts exactly from where it was interrupted when mains power is restored. The idea was requested by Mr. Siva.

Calculating Capacitor Charge/Discharge Time using RC Constant

Capacitor charge and discharge periods is usually calculated through an RC constant called tau, expressed as the product of R and C, where C is the capacitance and R is the resistance parameter that may be in series or parallel with the capacitor C. It may be expressed as shown below:

Stepper Motor Explained!

 In this post we are going to learn about stepper motor. We will be exploring what stepper motor is, its fundamental working mechanism, types of stepper motor, stepping modes, and lastly its advantages and disadvantages.

Greatest Myths about LED Lighting

LED lighting products are relatively new for the commercial market and as with any new product, they have to deal with doubt and negative comments from consumers’ side. There just is a lot of false information about LED lights that creates many misconceptions about them. So here are the greatest myths about LED lamps and also some facts that show how untrue these myths are.

Automatic Triac Changeover Circuit for Inverter/Mains

The post discusses a simple automatic triac changeover circuit from mains to inverter and vice versa for ensuring a well isolated inverter mains transfer for the load. This is to eliminate the possibility of the grid energy meter recording the inverter supply consumption in the utility bill. The idea was requested by Mr. Puneet

48V 3KW Electric Vehicle Circuit

The post explains a few important parameters related to the making of  a 48V 3KW electric vehicle using solar panel, including a full fledged circuit diagram for the same. The idea was requested by Mr. Sreejith.

Automatic Food Warmer Lamp Timer Circuit for Hotels and Restaurants

The post discusses a simple food warmer lamp timer circuit for restaurants and hotels which can be used for automatically switching OFF the lamps after a predetermined time whenever the food under the lamps are idle or in the absence of an interaction under the lamps, thus saving precious electricity. The idea was requested by Mr. Mike Sunny.

Transistor Stray pickup False Triggering Problem

The article explains how to make any BJT or mosfet based circuit free from stray signal pickup and false triggering by simply attaching a filter resistor or a capacitor across their base/emitter or gate/source terminals. The problem was raised by Mr.Henrik.

Two Pipe Water Pump Valve Controller Circuit

The article explains how to control a two pipe submersible pump valve to ensure that the pipe bringing in the municipal water is always given the main preference to the bore-well water source. The circuit is also equipped with a tank overflow cut-off feature. The idea was requested by Mr. Prashant.