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How to Interface Accelerometer ADXL335 with Arduino

In this post, we are going to see how to use an accelerometer with arduino and extract useful readings, which will be printed on serial monitor of IDE. We will also be exploring how accelerometer works in a nutshell and its applications.

GSM Pump Motor Controller Circuit using Arduino Part-1

In this post we are going to construct a farmer friendly GSM pump motor controller circuit which could turn on and off the irrigation system remotely from anywhere in the world via cellphone SMS and return you with an acknowledgement message. The idea was requested by Mr. PG Ragavandir.

10 LED Tachometer Circuit

The post explains how an accurate 10 LED tachometer circuit can be built using ordinary parts like IC 555 and IC LM3915. The idea was requested by Mr. Munsif.

Material Storage Level Controller Circuit

The post discusses a simple material storage level controller circuit which can be used for automatically activating and deactivating a storage filling motor whenever the storage container is filled to its stipulated threshold level. The idea was requested by Mr Sladjan.

1.5V Power Supply Circuit for Wall Clock

The post presents a simple transformerless 1.5V DC power supply circuit which can be used for powering wall clocks directly from mains, and also keep a stand by back-up cell fully charged for enabling an uninterrupted operation of the clock even during mains failures. The idea was requested by Cheekin

Submersible Pumpset Timer Circuit

The post details a timer circuit for submersible borewell pumpset which alternately switches the pumpset ON/OFF at a predetermined rate in order to allow the ground water sufficient time to restore at regular intervals and to ensure a consistent water supply to the attached overhead tank. The idea was requested by Mr. Siva.