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Make this RFID Circuit using Arduino

In this article we are going to take a tour on RFID circuit technology. We will be exploring how RFID tags and readers work, how to interface RFID module (RC522) with Arduino and extract some useful information from the RFID tags.

Transistor UPS Circuit with Charger

The article details a simple transistor based UPS circuit with a built-in battery charger circuit, which can be used for getting an uninterruptible mains power output cheaply, in your homes and office, shops etc. The circuit can be upgraded to any desired higher wattage level. The idea was developed by Mr. Syed Xaidi.

How to Make LED Air Pollution Meter Circuit

In this project we are going to construct an air pollution meter using MQ-135 sensor and arduino. The pollution level in the air is indicated by series of 12 LED. If higher the number of LEDs glows, the higher the pollution content in the air and vice versa.