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Free Energy from Induction Cooktop

The idea of acquiring free energy from induction cookwares using an external bifilar coil was suggested by one of the keen enthusiasts and a regular visitor of this blog. Let's learn more regarding the details of this interesting free energy device, as explained by the author himself.

Corona Effect Generator Circuit

In this post we study regarding what is corona effect and how to make a corona effect generator circuit at home using a CDI coil and a tesla coil configuration. Then idea was suggested by Mr. Sanjoy

Simple Faraday Flashlight Circuit

In this article we are going to construct a Faraday flashlight circuit using only a coil/magnet assembly which requires no battery. It’s not free energy, but it converts oscillatory motion to electricity, which can power the flashlight for a couple of minutes. This flashlight will be useful in emergency situations where no access to electricity or batteries.

Simple Tea Coffee Vending Machine Circuit

A simple tea, coffee vending machine circuit idea is explained here which allows a customer to access the beverage with a press of a button and by inserting a genuine 5 rupee coin. The idea was requested by Mr. Ramesh.

Electronic Door Circuit for Pets

The post explains a simple electronic door circuit for pets which can be used as an electronic dog door for allowing only your specific pet dog to use the entrance, while keeping it locked for "strangers". The idea was requested by Mr. Dave Monette.