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High Power DRL Light Circuit

The post discusses a multipurpose high power DRL circuit which can be used as park lights, head lights and also to specially respond to turn signal lights in order to light up the kerbs while passing through unpredictable blind turns or corners and subways. The idea was requested by Mr. Ian Auxley.

Connecting MPPT with Solar Inverter

The small discussion presented in this article explains whether or not it is advisable to Connect parallel MPPTs with Solar inverters for increasing the net current value of the MPPTs. The question was raised by Mr. Ahmed Qaid

Triac SPDT Relay Circuit

The post details a simple solid state triac SPDT relay circuit, using an optocoupler and a couple of triacs, which can be used as an effective replacement for mechanical relays. The idea was requested by "Cypherbuster".

LED Room Thermometer Circuit using Arduino

In this article, we are going to construct a LED room thermometer circuit using Arduino, which displays the readings in doted/bar LEDs. This project can be implemented for applications where ambient temperature plays a crucial role or it could be built just as another fun project for your home.

Simple Refrigerator Protector Circuit

This simple refrigerator protector circuit is actually a delay ON timer circuit which makes sure that whenever a power failure occurs or in case abrupt power fluctuations take place, the refrigerator is never allowed to switch ON instantly, rather after a delay of a few moments.

Digital Temperature, Humidity Meter Using Arduino

In our previous article, we learned how to interface temperature humidity sensor with arduino and read out displayed on serial monitor of arduino IDE. In this post we are going to learn how to display the reading on a 16x2 LCD display for the proposed digital temperature/humidity meter using Arduino.

Touch free Faucet Circuit

A very simple touch free faucet circuit or touch free tap circuit can be built using as little as an IC 555 and a few passive components, in order to implement a contact less water supply operation from the attached facet or the tap.