Simple Surround Sound Decoder Circuit

Jun 30, 2016

This article is written with an intent to explain in detail behind the making of a simple surround-sound decoder circuit.

How to Make TDCS Brain stimulator

Jun 29, 2016

In this article we are going to construct an interesting project, which could potentially enhance your brain’s capability. Let's learn how to make a TDCS brain simulator circuit.

Kiln Temperature Controller Circuit

Jun 28, 2016

A programmable sequential timer along with a triac dimmer is configured for making this kiln temperature controller circuit, further details are explained in the following article. The idea was requested by Mr.Joe.

Control 8 Appliances with Single Remote

Jun 25, 2016

The post explains a circuit which can be used for controlling 1 to 8 appliances with a single RF remote control handset. Now you can control fans, lights ACs, oven etc within a range of 50 meters with the same remote.

Simple 50 Watt Power Amplifier Circuit

Jun 22, 2016

A simple 50 watt amplifier circuit is explained below, let's learn how to build it at home using this versatile single amplifier chip LM3876T

Remote Controlled Submersible Pump Circuit

Jun 19, 2016

The article discusses a simple remote controlled submersible pump circuit which could be simply configured using any standard 2 channel 433MHz remote control modules. The idea was requested by Mr. James Smith

Raspberry Pi Explained

Jun 18, 2016

In this article we are going to learn about Raspberry Pi single board computer, their specifications, how to use them in a project, we are also going to do a small comparison between Arduino and Raspberry Pi, so that we can choose which of them are best for your projects.

Fish Aquarium Oxygen Generator Circuit

In this article we discuss how to make a simple fish aquarium oxygen generator circuit using the concept of electrolysis of water.

Simple 20 watt Amplifier Circuit

Jun 17, 2016

This article is written with an intent to build a simple 20 Watt Amplifier

32 watt Amplifier Circuit using TDA2050

Jun 15, 2016

The post explains how to build a simple yet powerful 32 watt amplifier circuit using a single chip TDA2050 and with a handful of resistors and capacitors.

Single Mosfet Class A Power Amplifier Circuit

Jun 14, 2016

The post discusses a simple, cheap single mosfet class A power amplifier circuit which can be used for any small scale audio amplifier application.

RC Helicopter Remote Control Circuit

Jun 11, 2016

The post discusses a simple RC helicopter remote control circuit using 433kHz RF modules, without any microcontroller or complex joystick implementations. The idea was requested by Mr. Jitendra.

Smart Automatic ON/OFF Switch Using Arduino

In this article we are going to build a smart automatic ON/OFF switch using Arduino, which can turn on or off gadgets automatically by sensing the presence of human nearby through the concept of ultrasonic.

6 watt Audio Amplifier Circuit Using TDA1011

Jun 9, 2016

A very simple yet useful 6 watt audio amplifier circuit using IC TDA1011 is explained in the following article, which can be built by new hobbyist and used for amplifying music from different sources such as cellphones, FM radios, doorbell etc.

Ultrasonic Distance Meter Circuit Using Arduino and 16x2 LCD

In this article we are going to construct an ultrasonic distance meter circuit using Arduino and 16x2 LCD. We are also going to see what an ultrasonic module is, how it works and how it can be used to measure distance.

Motorized Sun Shade Circuit

Jun 7, 2016

In this article we learn regarding a motorized sun shade circuit which can be used for achieving an automatic motorized extension and retraction of sun shades or hoods. The idea was requested by Mr. Sriram KP

Remote Control Circuit Using Arduino

Jun 6, 2016

In this post, we are going to construct a remote control circuit for controlling home appliances using arduino microcontroller.

Capacitive Voltage Divider Circuit Explained

Jun 4, 2016

In this post we learn how capacitive voltage divider circuits operate in electronic circuits, through formulas and solved examples.

Simplest Quadcopter Drone Circuit

The post delineates a simple quadcopter circuit or a drone circuit which can be built by a layman and operated using an ordinary RF remote control module. The idea was requested by Mr. Sahaj

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