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Testing Alternator Current using Dummy Load

The post explains a method of checking or verifying alternator maximum current delivering capacity using a shunt regulator as the dummy load and an ammeter. The idea was inquired by Mr. Joe.

Simple Peak Detector Circuit

In this article we are going to learn about a peak detector circuit, its working principle and how to implement it in clap operated circuits for illuminating an LED in response to clap sounds.

Simple LED Relay Changeover Emergency Lamp Circuit

The post shows how to configure a simple LED relay changeover emergency light circuit using a battery back up which gets charged during mains presence and changes over to LED/battery mode as soon as mains fails. The idea was requested by one of the members of this blog.

How to Select MOV

MOVs or metal oxide varistors are devices designed for controlling mains switch ON surges in electrical and electronic circuits. Selecting an MOV for a particular electronic circuit might require some consideration and calculation, let's learn the procedures here.

Camper, Motorhome Battery Charger Circuit

The post explains a battery charger circuit specifically designed for camper and motorhome applications, so it can serve as an effective camper/motorhome battery charger circuit operating through any shore power supply source. The idea was suggested by "music girl".

Opamp Hysteresis Explained

In most automatic battery charger circuits in this blog you might have seen an opamp with a hysteresis feature included for some crucial function. The following article explains the significance and design techniques for the hysteresis function in opamp circuits.