LM35 Circuit

Mar 31, 2016

The post explains how to make an LM35 circuit by understanding its pinouts and other technical specifications.

Brake Lights using Speed Detection Circuit for Motorcycles

Mar 29, 2016

The post explains an innovative brake light circuit using speed detection of the vehicle which could be a motorcycle. The circuit implements an advanced brake light switch ON ensuring a much safer riding experience for the user. The idea was requested by Mr. Rayan.

Timer IC 555 Explained

Mar 27, 2016

The post explains the basic pinout details of the timer IC 555, and how to configure the IC in its standard or popular astable, bistable, and monostable circuit modes. The post also details the various formulas for calculating the IC 555 parameters.

Synchronized 4kva Stackable Inverter Circuit Part 3

Mar 25, 2016

We have so far covered the two main requirements for the proposed synchronized 4kva stackable inverter circuit, which includes synchronization of frequency, phase and PWM across the inverters so that failing of any of the inverters had no effect on the rest in terms of the above parameters.

Synchronized 4kva Stackable Inverter Circuit Part 1

Mar 23, 2016

This first part of the proposed 4kva synchronized stackable inverter circuit discusses how to implement the crucial automatic synchronization across the 4 inverters with regards to frequency, phase and voltage to keep the inverters running independent of each other yet achieving an output that's on par with each other.

Synchronized 4kva Stackable Inverter Circuit Part 2

In the previous part of this article we learned the main section of the 4kva synchronized stackable inverter circuit which explained the synchronization details of the design. In this article we study how to make the design a sinewave equivalent and also ensure correct synchronization of the PWMs across the involved inverters.

Sleep Walk Alert Circuit

Mar 20, 2016

Do you have a habit of walking in night? Well, that habit isn’t that good, so one must try to get rid of it gradually. This article discusses a simple sleep walk alert circuit that might help you in getting out of this habit.

Push Button Fan Regulator with Display Circuit

Mar 19, 2016

A very interesting push button operated fan regulator circuit with LED display is explained in the following article, which can be built and installed at home for the suggested purpose. The idea was requested by Mr. Sriram KP.

Greywater Purifier Desalination System

Mar 17, 2016

The post explains a simple grey water purifier, desalination design arrangement which can be used for recycling greywater into pure usable distilled water completely free of cost through solar heat concentration. The idea was requested by Mr. Luis Gomes Machado

Small Amplifier Circuit

Mar 16, 2016

The post explains a simple amplifier circuit which can be quickly made using a couple of transistors )BJTs) and a few resistors. The idea was requested by Mr. Raveesh.

Remote Infrared Wireless Alarm Circuit

Mar 14, 2016

A simple infrared wireless alarm circuit can be built using an RF remote control unit a TSOP based IR sensor, let's learn the procedures in detail.

Bluetooth Function Generator Circuit

The article presents a simple Bluetooth function generator circuit which can be used for testing and troubleshooting various critical audio video equipment and gadgets

Solar E Rickshaw Circuit

Mar 7, 2016

The post explains a simple solar electric rickshaw or E rickshaw circuit which can easily built by anybody at home and used with a locally fabricated vehicle. The idea was requested by Mr. Amit.

Power Factor Correction (PFC) Circuit - Tutorial

Mar 5, 2016

The post details the different methods of configuring a power factor correction circuit or a PFC circuit in SMPS designs, and explains the best practice options for these topologies so that it complies with the modern PFC restriction guidelines.

Selecting a Charger for Li-Ion Battery

Mar 4, 2016

In this discussion we try to learn the right procedure for selecting a charger for a Li-ion battery. The question was raised by Mr. Akshay.

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) Circuit

Mar 2, 2016

An automatic voltage regulator circuit is quite well used where Voltage supply is only 120VAC. Many gadgets can operate good at 220V Ac that is why Voltage regulation is needed.

Light to Frequency Converter Circuit

Mar 1, 2016

In this article we are going to see what is a light to frequency converter circuit, how it works, how to use it in a project, and its specifications.

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