How an Accelerometer Works

Feb 28, 2016

In this post we will try to understand how an accelerometer works and also learn the specifications of a popular accelerometer ADXL335 in detail.

Simple Obstacle Avoiding Robot Circuit without Microcontroller

Feb 25, 2016

The post explains a simple obstacle avoiding robot circuit without microcontroller and without using special motor driver circuits or ICs. The idea was requested by Mr. Faiyyaz

SMD Resistors

Feb 24, 2016

Resistors which are based on SMT technology are called SMT resistors which are one of the members of the SMD family or surface mount device family.


One of the key elements used in the industry of the electronics is the switches. The various different types of tasks for which the switches are used include providing the power supply to a circuit and selection of a specific element for the circuit which will be used in a given specific application or operation.

Photoresistors and LDR (Light Dependent Resistors)

There are many different names by which the LDR (Light Dependent Resistors) are known as and includes names such as photoresistor, photocell, photoconductive cell, and photoconductor.


Feb 23, 2016

The electronics industry uses various different styles and types of inductors. Inductors are used in a circuit in order to perform many functions of various different styles.


The thermistor name has been devised as a short form for the “thermally sensitive resistor”. The full form of the thermistor provides the general and the detailed idea of the action which is the feature of the thermistor.

Types of Resistors

The industry of electronic circuits uses resistors of various different types available in the market. The properties of these resistors vary and are different for each type being ruled by their manufacturing and construction process.

Using Treadmill Exercise Bike to Charge Batteries

Feb 22, 2016

 In this post we learn how to use an exercise bike or a treadmill for charging a battery through a simple shunt regulator circuit with full charge cut-off feature. The idea was proposed by Mr. Peter Jaffe.

Standard Resistor E-series Values

The resistor’s values which are provided to them fall within a category of standard or preferred resistor values.

Types of Capacitors Explained

Feb 21, 2016

In this post we learn regarding the basics of capacitor, and also regarding the various types of capacitors which are commonly available in the market and used in most electronic circuits.

Color Codes of Resistors

Feb 20, 2016

The post comprehensively explains regarding the various standard resistor color codes, and systems employed for assigning resistors their specific values. The post also explains how to read and identify resistor values from their color codes.

How Flex Resistors Work

As electronics enthusiasts we may come across many kinds of resistors, from small fixed resistor to high current bulk rheostat. There are humongous classifications among resistors, but here we will focus on a particular kind of resistor called “flex resistor” and learn how it works.

Understanding Capacitor Codes and Markings

Feb 17, 2016

The article comprehensively explains everything about capacitor codes and markings through various diagrams, which can be used for identifying and selecting capacitors correctly for a given circuit application. 

Illuminating an LED using Wireless Power Transmission

Feb 16, 2016

In this post we learn how to illuminate an LED using wireless power transmission.

Remote Control Camera Switching Circuit

Feb 15, 2016

The article discusses a simple RF remote control circuit which can be used for activating a digital camera remotely, by a press of a button. The idea was requested by Mr. Pat

Power Line Communication Appliance Remote Control Circuit

Feb 11, 2016

This little circuit will enable a remote controlled switching of an appliance situated in the next room using the concept of power line communication, which involves the use of home mains wire for transferring data in the form of high frequency pulses through the mains wire, superimposed over the existing mains frequency.

Electric Match (Ematch) Firework Ignitor Circuit

Feb 10, 2016

The post comprehensively explains a simple electric match igniter circuit which can used for implementing a foolproof ignition of a series of Ematches through a microcontroller based control system. The idea was requested and explained by Mr. Jerry Shallis

High Power Zener Diode Circuit

Feb 8, 2016

The high power "zener diode" circuit presented here can be used for obtaining a highly accurate, temperature and voltage stabilized outputs from high current sources, safely.

How to Make a Simple Laser Communicator Circuit

Feb 6, 2016

The article discusses how to make a simple laser communicator circuit for sending and receiving data through laser beam.

Motorcycle Shunt Regulator Circuit using SCR

Feb 5, 2016

The circuit presented here is a Rectifier plus Regulator for a 3-Phase charging system of Motorcycles. The rectifier is full-wave and the regulator is shunt-type regulator.

PWM Sinewave 5kva Inverter Circuit

The post discusses a 5kva PWM sinewave inverter circuit using compact ferrite core transformer. The idea was requested by Mr. Javeed.

How PNP Transistors Work

Feb 4, 2016

In this post we learn regarding how a PNP transistor works or conducts in response to a fixed biasing voltage and a varying supply voltage, across its base and emitter. The question was put forth by Mr. Aaron Keenan.

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