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Hospital Room Call Bell Circuit

The post discusses a simple hospital room call bell circuit which can be installed in hospital patient rooms for allowing the patients to get a quick access to a medical representative or a nurse whenever in need, by simply pressing a call button at the bedside. The idea was requested by Mr. Willy.

High Voltage Battery Charger Circuit

The post details a simple automatic High Voltage Battery Charger Circuit which can be used for an automatic charging control of any preferred high voltage battery bank such as a 360V battery bank. The idea was requested by "resonance".

Battery Desulfator with Charger Circuit Using a Bridge Rectifier

To make this simplest yet effective battery desulfator with charger circuit you would just require a suitably rated transformer, and a bridge rectifier. The design not only desulfates a battery, it keeps the new batteries from developing this issue and simultaneously charges them to the desired levels.

Electronic Stethescope Amplifier Circuit

The post explains how to make an electronic stethoscope amplifier circuit for enabling a loud audible reproduction of the heart beats which is being diagnosed. The article also reveals how the same can be applied within a cellphone through a wireless circuit. The idea was requested by Dr. Ankit.

Universal Variable Power Supply Circuit

The presented universal power supply circuit can be used just for anything, you can use it as a solar battery charger, bench power supply, mains battery charger circuit, or for any desired application regardless of the voltage and current range, which are extremely flexible and fully adjustable.