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Battery Health Checker Circuit

The article discusses a simple battery health checker circuit which uses ordinary components for enabling the user to get an instant reading of the battery efficiency or regarding its effective discharge rate. The idea was requested by Mr. Shrishail.

Designing Notch Filter Circuits

Notch filter circuits are normally used for suppressing, nullifying, or cancelling a particular range of frequencies in order to avoid an annoying or unwanted interference within a circuit configuration.

Bathroom Lamp Timer with Buzzer Circuit

The simple bathroom lamp timer circuit features a delay OFF timer which switches OFF the triggered lamp after a set predetermined time delay, additionally the circuit also includes a delay ON timer circuit which is appropriately set such that a warning tone is generated a few seconds before the lamp is about to shut off. The idea was requested by Mr. Enrico.

40A Diode with Reverse and Overvoltage Protection

In this post we study an outstanding high current diode which features not only an in-built reverse current protection but also an overvoltage protection for safeguarding sensitive electronic circuits against back emfs, transients and load dump occurrences.

Laser Alarm Circuit for Protecting Field Crops against Animals

The post explains a simple laser alarm circuit which can be installed in farms and fields for detecting all possible intrusions, either by a human or an animal and alarming this to the owner, and ensuring an effective protection to the crops against such intrusions. The idea was required by Mr. Mohammed and Mr. Daniel.

Make this 3.3V, 5V, 9V SMPS Circuit

Here we learn about a simple switch mode power supply (SMPS) circuit which is capable of delivering 3.3V, 5V, 9V at around 800mA from a Mains input range of 100V to 285V, with a complete isolation.