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Redundant UPS Circuit

The post explains a couple of straightforward redundant UPS circuits for providing a secured uninterruptible power to crucial gadgets such as computer ATX or modems etc. The idea was requested by Mr.  Shayan Firoozi.

Digital Power Meter Circuit

The article discusses a simple digital power meter circuit which can be installed in homes for getting an instant reading of the wattage being consumed by the attached appliances or the loads. The idea was requested by Mr. Nitin.

ATX UPS with Charger Circuit

 The post explains a simple ATX UPS circuit with an automatic charger for enabling an automatic changeover from mains to battery power during mains failures and for ensuring an uninterruptible operation of the ATX load. 

Automatic Evaporative Air Cooler Circuit

In this post we study a simple moisture sensor circuit which enables an evaporative air cooler to automatically restore the wetness level of its evaporative pad by detecting its moisture level and by activating the water pump accordingly. The idea was requested by Mr. Ankur shrivastava

Regenerative Braking System for Vehicles

Whenever brakes are applied in any vehicle, a lot of energy is wasted in the process of stopping the vehicle mass and again restoring the mass back to its original speed. The simple idea designed by me appears to be quite effective in solving this issue. Let's learn more about this simple regenerative braking concept.

Making a Free Energy Generator - Part 1

When this free energy geneartor called the N-Machine was developed by the famous physicist Bruce DePalma he could implement a 100 kilowatt generator right in his garage with ordinary tools. His machine could power his entire house electrical completely free of cost, forever.

Darkness Triggered Car Safety Park Light Circuit

In this post we discuss a circuit concept for enabling cars with an add-on automatic safety park light which triggers during night and signals the position of the car and consequently prevents a mistaken collision or dashing by another vehicle. The design ensures minimum consumption and relatively higher brightness for the involved LED lights. The idea was requested by Mr. Ankit.

Arduino LCD KeyPad Shield (SKU: DFR0009) Datasheet

The write up explains the pinout and working details of the LCD module "Arduino LCD KeyPad Shield (SKU: DFR0009)" which is specifically manufactured for offering a quick plug-in compatibility for all Arduino based applications which may require displaying a particular parameter in digits, such as temperature, speed, time, weight etc.

Arduino Musical Tune Geneartor Circuit

You can use this little Arduino musical tune generator circuit for a preferred application, such as for making an interesting door bell, as a car reverse horn, or music box for gifting somebody, or simply for personal amusement.

Simple Power Bank Circuits

The article presents a handful of assorted power bank circuits using 1.5V cell and 3.7V Li-ion cell which can be built by any individual for their personal emergency cellphone charging functionality. The idea was requested by Mr. Irfan