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How Boost Converters Work

A boost converter (also called step-up converter) is a DC to DC converter circuit which is designed to convert an input DC voltage into an output DC voltage with a level that may be much higher than the input voltage level.

Quadcopter Remote Control Circuit without MCU

Although a quadcopter remote control circuits can be very easily procured from the market or from any online store, an avid electronic hobbyist is never allowed to learn how actually these function and whether or not these can be built at home?

Sensorless BLDC Motor Driver Circuit Part 2

In the previous article we learned the working of sensorless BLDC motors, and also investigated the circuit diagram of a typical sensorless BLDC motor driver circuit module. In this article we'll carry forward the discussion and learn the pinout details of the main driver chip DRV10963 employed in the circuit.

Building a Quadcopter - Basics Explained

A quadcopter is perhaps the simplest flying machine requiring minimum amount of aerodynamic accuracy and complications, and therefore it's no surprise, it could gain an immense popularity among the various hobbyists who could successfully build this....a machine that they could actually fly and control at their own will.

12V LED Backpack Power Supply Circuit

In this article we learn to make a simple 12v LED backpack power supply circuit for powering a 36watt LED lamp, which includes appropriately wired integrated sockets for enabling the attachment of external devices such as a regulated battery charger, ammeter, voltmeter etc. The idea was requested by Mr.  Kevin Bates