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Rotating Beacon LED Simulator Circuit

The post explains a simple LED flashing beacon circuit which exactly simulates a rotating police beacon light by generating alternating pulses of suddenly rising and fading illumination effect on the connected LED. The idea was requested by Mr. Ankit Agarwal

Motorcycle Regulator, Rectifier Tester Circuit

The motorcycle regulator, rectifier tester circuit presented here can be used to test a 6-wire shunt type regulator-rectifiers for a 3-phase charging system of motorcycles. These reg./rectifiers (RR-units) are usually sealed with epoxy and it is considered difficult to find out if the unit is faulty or not.

Borewell Motor Pump Starter Controller Circuit

The post explains a circuit which controls a submersible borewell motor by operating its red (Start) and green (Stop) buttons, in response to low level, high level water conditions, and also in a condition where the motor may experience a dry run situation. The idea was requested by Mr. Vamsi.

Wireless Home Security Circuit - Solar Powered

The article discusses a remote controlled wireless home security circuit using which enables the detection of a possible intrusion way in advance depending on how and where the remote sensors are positioned over the selected strategic locations and the desired distance from the house. The idea was requested by Mr. Dave Monette.

Smart ATS Circuit

The following article explains an enhanced Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Circuit, which includes several cutomized sequential changeover relay stages making the system truly smart!

How a Potentiometer (POT) Works

In this article we study how potentiometers work and try to understand their working principle and how to use these devices in electronic circuits.

3 Stage Industrial Camshaft Timer Circuit

The post explains a simple sequential timer designed for implementing a specified set of actions involving a 3 step relay activation which in turn is used for executing the desired mechanisms. The idea was requested by Mr. Ali.

Cheap Cellphone Controlled Water Pump Circuit for Farmers

The post presents a cheap cellphone remote controlled water pump circuit which allows farmers (user) to switch ON their field water pump without practically visiting the spot, thus saving precious time and energy for the individual. The idea was requested by one of the dedicated members of this blog.