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Lipo Battery Balance Charger Circuit

The post discusses a relatively easy lipo battery balance charger circuit which is designed to continuously scan and charge the connected cells of the battery. The idea was requested by Mr. Schindler and Mr. Emil Jan Thomas Baticulon.

Car Siren Circuit

In this post we learn about a high power car siren circuit which utilizes ordinary components such as transistors and capacitors yet is able to produce an alarm sound at an excruciating level. The idea was contributed by "Abu-Hafss"

Simplest Sound Activated Relay Switch Circuit

The post details a simple sound activated relay switch circuit which can used as a module for any system that might be assigned to trigger by detecting some kind of sound pressure level.Or simply applications  such as a  sound activated alarm security circuit.

Sequential Delay Timer Circuit using Transistors

In this post we learn to make a simple sequential delay timer generator circuit which can be used for getting a sequential triggering of a connected load, or can be simply used like a sequential LED bar graph effect generator, using only transistors. The idea was requested by Mr Babusan.

Grid Load Power Monitor and Controller circuit for GTI Application

The post explains a circuit idea which can be used as a power monitor and control system for ensuring that only the specified amount of watts is allowed to enter into the allocated socket, as per the maximum calculated wattage of the appliances connected across those points. The idea was requested by Mr. Bob Rudman.

Single Opamp IC LM321 Datasheet - IC 741 Equivalent

The IC LM321 is the single opamp version of LM 324 which is a quad opamp IC and carries 4 of these ICs in one package. Therefore for applications which demand a single opamp with the attributes of the versatile LM324, in such cases this single opamp can be utilized effectively.

USB Isolator Circuit

The following email discussions were sent to me by Mr John Sweden who is one of the avid readers of this blog, here he explains about an USB isolator device, and how it may be incorporated while using an oscilloscope with a PC, in order to safeguard the oscilloscope and the test circuit from accidental high volatges. Let's learn more.

Free Electricity Using a Flywheel - Overunity Generator Part 2

In our previous post we discussed regarding how a flywheel can be used for generating excess electricity from its stored potential energy when it's given a swift spin using an external torsional force. In this article we'll learn how the system can be made into a perpetual motion without the need of any external intervention.

Classroom Debate Timer Circuit

In this post we learn how to make a simple classroom debate timer circuit which can be used to illuminate two sequentially toggling lamps to indicate the start and finish of the lecture time delivered by the respective members in the class. The idea was requested by Animale.