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Timer Circuit for Pneumatics

 The article explains a simple two step IC 555 timer circuit which can be used for sequentially operating any specified industrial mechanism system, in this application it's used for operating a pressurized pneumatic ball throwing arm. The idea was requested by Mr. Ray Strong.

Designing a Customized Battery Charger Circuit: Part 3

In our previous tutorials we learned how to customize a constant voltage while building a battery charger, while in the next section we understood how to add a customized constant current to the design for assuring a safe charging for the connected battery. In this section we'll discover how an auto cut-off may be added to a battery charger which is one of the most crucial aspects in such circuits.

Designing a Customized Battery Charger Circuit: Part 2

In our previous tutorial we learned how to design and optimize a constant voltage feature for charging a particular type of battery, in this post we try to understand how to design and include a constant current feature for the same, which is another critical factor to be considered while making a customized battery charger circuit.

Designing a Customized Battery Charger Circuit: Part 1

I have designed and published a variety of battery charger circuits in this website, however the readers often get confused while selecting the right battery charger circuit for their individual applications. And I have to explicitly explain each of the readers regarding how to customize the given battery charger circuit for their specific needs.

Adding a PWM Multi-spark to an Automobile Ignition

The post investigates a simple 2 pin oscillator circuit which may be inserted between the pickup coil and the CDI unit of a vehicle for achieving an induced multi trigger input in response to each signal from the pickup coil coil, this in turn is expected to enhance the sparking ability of the CDI coil. The idea was requested by Mr. Vimal.

Transformer Winding Formula Explained

The net magnitude of voltage induced across the primary winding of a transformer to its secondary winding is basically determined by the ratio of the number of turns wound over the primary and the secondary sections.

Simple Geyser Water Heater Timer Circuit

 In this post we study a simple water heater timer controller circuit which can be used in bathrooms for automatically switching OFF a geyser or a water heater unit after a predetermined time period as preferred by the user. The idea was requested by Mr. Andreas

Sine wave PWM (SPWM) using Opamp

Acquiring a sinewave output from an inverter can be the most crucial and the most advantageous feature for rendering maximum efficiency to the unit, in terms of its output quality. Let's learn how to make sine wave PWM using an opamp.

How Thyristors (SCR) Work - Tutorial

Basically an SCR ( Silicon Controlled Rectifier) which is also known by the name Thyristor works quite like a transistor. The device gets its name (SCR) due to its multi layered semiconductor internal structure which refers to the "silicon" word in the beginning of its name.

Solar Insect Killer for Protecting Crops in Farms

The insect killer circuit presented here is designed to attract insects during night, and electrocute them through a high voltage mesh trap. The unit can be installed in farms for protecting crops from potentially harmful insects. The unit being solar powered does not depend on human intervention and works independently.