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Make this Gravity LED Lamp Circuit

Gravitational force is an awesome source of energy, amply available on this planet, and easily accessible, however, nobody yet has been able to convert this force into free energy (perpetual), simply because that's impossible.

Make a 1 watt LED Lamp using 20mA LEDs

Today 1 watt LEDs are very poplar and these are utilized in most LED lamp applications. Although these are extremely efficient in terms of light intensity levels and current consumption, these high watt LEDs require a formidable heatsink in order to keep them functioning correctly and optimally.

Simple Musical Door Bell Circuit

A very simple musical door bell circuit can be built and installed in homes, the design features a replaceable music chip option, and an adjustable ringtone duration, as per the user preference, we'll learn the entire circuit procedure through the following article.

PWM Solar Battery Charger Circuit

This simple, enhanced, 5V zero drop PWM solar battery charger circuit can be used in conjunction with any solar panel for charging cellphones or cell phone batteries in multiple numbers quickly, basically the circuit is capable of charging any battery whether Li-ion or Lead acid which may be within the 5V range.

Music Triggered Amplifier Speaker Circuit

The circuit idea explained below enables a power amplifier loudspeakers to switch ON only when there's an input music available, otherwise it makes sure that the loudspeakers remain shut off. The idea ws requested by Mr. David Alda.

RGB LED Color Mixer Circuit

The post explains a simple LM317 IC based RGB 3 watt LED color mixer circuit, which can be used for demonstrating the color mixing effects of red, blue, green colors as specified in the standard color charts. The idea was requested by Mr.Praveen.

What's PWM, How to Measure it

PWM stands for pulse width modulation which signifies the variable nature of the pulse widths that may be generated from a particular source such as a discrete IC, MCU, or a transistorized circuit.