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Solar LED Light Circuit with Automatic Charger

In this post we learn how to build a simple solar LED with charger circuit for illuminating high power LED (SMD) lights. The SMD LEDs are fully safeguarded thermally and from over current using an inexpensive LM 338 current limiter stage.  The idea was requested by Mr. Sarfraz Ahmad.

Automatic Door Circuit for Hen House

The articles discusses an automatic door mechanism circuit that responds to the ambient light conditions by keeping the door open during day time and closed during night. Here the application is used for operating a hen house door. The idea was requested by Mr. Gavin Sweet

Digital Christmas Candle Light Circuit

The post discuses a sequentially advancing 25 LED timer circuit which may be initiated  on the 1st day of December so that each LeD lights up on each day until the 25th of December (on Christmas) when all the 25 LeD can be seen lit up. The circuit was requested by Mr. Guy Mathews

Fan Speed Controller for Heatsink

In this post we study about a automatic fan speed regulator circuit for controlling the temperature of a heatsink and from preventing th etemperature to erach dangerous levels. This approach is to ensure safeguardign of the connected devices wit the heatsink.

Making a Strong RF Discharge Circuit

In this article we study an RF discharge generation concept capable of producing an intense RF electrical discharge in the air which may have the potentials of paralyzing all electronic systems in the close vicinity. The idea was requested by Mr. Nidal.

Interfacing Arduino PWM with any Inverter Circuit

The post explains how to interface an existing Arduino PWM signal with any inverter to convert it into a sine wave equivalent inverter, the article also discusses the method of upgrading a 3 phase inverter using the same input from an Arduino. The idea was requested by Mr. Raju Visshwanath