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Logic Level Indicator Circuit

This logic detector probe circuit can be very useful device for those who may want to measure the logic levels of digital circuits frequently. Being an IC based circuit, it's implemented in CMOS technology, its aplication is more dedicated to test circuits using the same technology.

Tuned Infrared (IR) Detector Circuit

 The article is a continuation of the earlier post where we tried to find a solution for creating unique infrared IDs for trains in a model locomotive system. Here we try to understand the application in detail and learn how it may be possible to successfully implement the idea using tuned IR detector circuits. The idea was requested by Mr. Henrik

Barcode Security Lock Circuit - Part2

In the previous article we learned about a simple barcode sensor circuit, here we'll study how the sensed pulses can be transformed for getting unique sets of high low outputs from the IC 4033 in response to different barcodes patterns. This unique results can be then used for activating a barcode security lock circuit or an alarm.

SMPS Circuit for LCD Monitors

This power supply functions with a broad input voltage range from 90 to 265 V AC and produces a dual output in the form of 5 V / 2.5 A, and 14.5 V / 1 A.