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3 Phase Sine Wave Generator Circuit

The post explains a very simple 3 phase sine wave generator circuit using transistors, only three to be precise and a few passive components for initiating the desired three phase output.

3 Phase VFD Circuit

The presented 3 phase VFD circuit (designed by me) can be used for controlling the speed of any three phase brushed AC motor or even a brushless AC motor. The idea was requested by Mr. Tom

Grow Light Circuit Explored

The post discusses a typical grow light circuit application for plants in order to stimulate photosynthesis effect in an artificially lit environment using multicolored LEDs. The idea was suggested by Mr. Jack.

Pedal Speed Controller Circuit for Electric Vehicles Part-1

In this part of the article we learn about an innovative method of converting pedal press mechanism in electric vehicles into a correspondingly varying electrical signal, which may be further used for processing the speed control of the vehicle. The idea was requested by Mr.Lokesh Maini

ESR Meter Circuit

The post discusses a simple ESR meter circuit which can be used for identifying bad capacitors in an electronic circuit without removing them practically from the circuit board. The idea was requested by Manual Sofian

Optimizing Grid and Solar Electricity in Parallel with an Inverter

The post discusses a circuit method which may be used to automatically switch and adjust the stronger counterpart amongst the solar panel, battery and the grid such that the load always gets the optimized power for an interrupted error for operations. The idea was requested by Mr. Raj.