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RF Signal Jammer Circuit

The post describes a simple homemade RF signal jammer circuit that can be used for jamming any RF signal within a radial range of 10 meters. The idea was requested by one of the interested readers of this blog.

Self Optimizing Solar Battery Charger Circuit with Buck Converter

The post discusses a simple IC 555 based self optimizing solar battery charger circuit with buck converter circuit that automatically sets and adjusts the charging voltage in response to the fading sunlight conditions, and tries to maintain an optimal charging power for the battery, regardless of the sun ray intensities.

Heart Rate Monitor, Alarm Circuit

The post explores a simple circuit which may be used for monitoring the critical heart rate of a patient (senior citizen), the circuit also includes an alarm for indicating the situation.  The idea was requested by Mr. Raj Kumar Mukherji

Office Call Bell Network Circuit with LED Monitor

The post explains an office call bell network circuit for office complexes which could be used for calling and monitoring office member's attendance and response from the particular intended office chamber. The idea was requested by Mr. Rajib Banerjee

48V Inverter Circuit

The post explains a simple 48V inverter circuit which may be rated at as high as 2 KVA. The entire design is configured around a single IC 4047 and a few power transistors.