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How to Connect Diodes in Parallel for High Current Applications

Whenever an inductor based load is involved in a DC circuit, incorporating a back EMF protection diode or a freewheeling diode becomes imperative in order to protect the BJT or the mosfet responsible for driving it.
However calculating and connecting diodes in parallel is never an easy task to implement.

Super Capacitor Hand Cranked Charger Circuit

The post discusses a simple super capacitor hand cranked charger circuit using bridge rectifier which may be applied for charging a bank of super capacitors through any suitable hand cranked generator machine. The idea was requested by Mrs. Janet

Automatic Fish Aquarium Light Optimizer Circuit

The post explains a simple yet effective fish aquarium light optimizer circuit which automatically controls the illumination of a group of appropriately selected LEDs with respect to the varying daylight and after darkness sets in. The idea was requested by Mr. Amit

Wireless Helmet Brake Light Circuit

The post explains an innovative wireless LED brake light circuit which can be attached to a biker's helmet. The LEDs attached with the helmet circuit illuminates in response to the motorcycle braking  generating an enhanced brake light effect from the user's helmet. The idea was requested by Mr. Bugoy.

Automatic LED Candle Light Circuit

The post describes a simple transformerless LED candle light circuit which switches ON automatically in the absence of ambient light in the room and vice versa. The idea was requested by Mr. Don