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What's Islanding in GTI (Grid Tie Inverter), How to Fix it - A Discussion

One big issue that most GTI manufacturers struggle to implement effectively is, what is commonly known as "islanding", the following discussion throws light on this important factor and tries to find a solution. The issue was pointed out and clarified by Mr. Dennis, Let's learn more.

PWM Air Blower Controller Circuit for Biomass Cook Stoves

The article details a PWM speed controller circuit for a fan air blower system to be used in Biomass cook stoves. The circuit also includes an uninterrupted automatic battery back-up supply with an integrated automatic battery charger circuit for the particular application. The idea was requested by Mr. Tushar and Sivaranjani.

Grid Transformer Fire Hazard Protector Circuit

The post explains a smart mains fire hazard protector circuit which can be used for preventing mains grid transformers from over heating and causing sparks or even burning due to a possible fire. The idea was requested by Mr. Ravindra Shedge

Laptop Anti-theft Security Alarm Circuit

The post explains a simple laptop anti-theft alarm circuit which can used with any concerned object such as a laptop which needs to be protected, when an intruder tries to approach the unit or makes an attempt to steal it the connected alarm is instantly raised. The idea was requested by one of the dedicated readers of this blog.