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1.5 V Inductance Meter Circuit

Here a simplest yet quite accurate inductance meter is presented, which can be built within few minutes. Furthermore, the circuit can be powered-up with a single 1.5V cell. However, a frequency meter would be required to work-out the inductance.

Making a Small Induction Cookware

The post explains a simple small induction cookware heater circuit or an induction kadai circuit. The design is a low tech, low power design, and may not be on par with the conventional units. The circuit was requested by Mr. Dipesh Gupta

Spy Circuits - FM Bug Transmitters

All the spy circuits presented below are significantly powerful, hard to trace in their hidden positions, and equipped for grasping even the weakest of whispers in the vicinity. Moreover the designs are capable of transmitting the picked information upto radial distances exceeding 2 kms.

Battery Charger Circuit for Positive Earth Cars

 The post presents an 6v or 12v battery charger circuit for positive earth cars which could be used for upgrading 6V positive earth cars, facilitating an external 12V battery to be used in them along with the existing 6V battery with a common positive earth body. The idea was requested by Mr. Joe Ceretti.