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DIY Contact MIC Circuit

Contact mics can be used to sense unusual sounds when attached to various surfaces.It also Produce sound when voltage is applied to it.With the help of a basic Pre-amp circuit it can also be used to Electrify an Acoustic Guitar, where amplification is a must.

Thunder Lightning Detector Circuit

This simple circuit will enable you to visualize distant thunder lightning through a correspondingly choreographed LED flashes, exactly in accordance with the lightning that may be taking place somewhere in the distant sky, the response will be simultaneous and thus much prior to the sound that may reach your ears after a few seconds.

Vibrating Cell Phone Remote Control Circuit

In few of my previous articles we discussed a handful of GSM remote control circuits using ordinary cell phones as the modem. All those designs incorporated the ringtone of the cell phone as the triggering signal. In this post we'll learn how the same could be achieved but by using the vibrator feature of the modem cell phone.

Making a Modified "Chasing" Car Tail Light Circuit

The post illustrates an elaborate circuit design that can be used as an enhanced "chasing" LED tail light for cars and other vehicles, the design also includes the modification details for the associated turn signal and the park light systems. The idea was designed and presented by Mr. Jason.

Making a Wireless Doorbell Circuit

Today the traditional wired type of doorbells are gradually getting obsolete and are being replaced by the advanced wireless type of doorbells that are easier to install due to their hassle free set-ups. A simple wireless doorbell circuit is discussed in the following post which can be constructed at home.

Adjustable 0-100V 50 Amp SMPS Circuit

The high power adjustable switching power supply is perfect for the purpose of laboratory work. The topology used to design the system is switching topology – half controlled bridge.

Water Heater Alarm Circuit

The post explains a simple water heater alarm circuit which may be used as a safety device for getting indications regarding the switched position of a water heater or a geyser through intermittent buzzer actuation. The idea was requested by Mr. Mathew.

SMPS Halogen Lamp Transformer Circuit

One of the best substitutes for traditional light transformer for halogen bulbs is the electronic halogen transformer. It can also be used with non-halogen bulbs and any other form of resistive loads that does not run on RF current.

SMPS Welding Inverter Circuit

If you are looking for an option to replace conventional welding transformer, the welding inverter is the best choice. Welding inverter is handy and runs on DC current. The current control is maintained through potentiometer.