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SMPS 2 x 50V 350W Circuit for Audio Power Amplifiers

This article will illustrate a simple procedure to devise an unregulated switching symmetric power supply of 350W. This unit can be substituted with the standard audio amplifier power supply to reduce expense and also the weight. The proposed power supply works as a half-bridge with no regulation.

DIY Taser Gun Circuit

A Taser also known as Stun Gun is one non-lethal electric shock producing unit used to paralyze a person for a time being without causing any severe damage or injury. It is a very useful device, especially to immobilize an attacker.

LM317 IC Tester Circuit

Here is simple but handy testing circuit for LM317 adjustable voltage regulator IC. I am sure it can be used to test other similar ICs like LM117, LM158, LM358 etc.

Real Time Activated Water Level Timer Controller Circuit

An automatic water level timer controller circuit which responds to a real time clock input is discussed in the following article. The design also includes a water detection stage which makes sure the initialization takes place only in the presence of water in the tank or the pipe. The idea was requested by Miss Soumya Mathur.

Programmable Sequential Temperature Controller and Timer Circuit

Here we learn about a circuit configuration which produces adjustable sequential timing outputs for controlling a heater device through a simultaneously sequencing temperature controller circuit which can be also preprogrammed for acquiring the desired temperature levels across the sequencing time slots. The idea was requested by Mr. Carlos

Key Finder Circuit - Pet or Kid Tracker Circuit

Pets and kids (under 4) have one thing in common, they are curious by nature and love venturing into unknown zones ending up in some sort of mess or trouble. Pet or kid tracker equipment which are quite similar to a key finder circuit were specifically designed for solving this issue, here we learn how these work and how to build one at home. The idea was requested by Mr. Akmar.

Cell Phone Triggered RF Night Lamp Circuit

Feeling difficult to grope for a light switch in deep sleep when someone calls you at night? Then maybe this circuit can solve your problem....This is a very simple basic circuit and is easy to construct compared to other online available circuits which switches on a relay when it detects a cellphone RF signal.

Mini Fence Charger Circuit

The discussed mini fence charger circuit can be quite handy for driving away pests like cockroaches, slugs, worms, snails from any desired small premise such a terrace garden, balcony pot plants or simply for guarding food stuffs etc.

How to Convert an Inverter to an UPS

An inverter is an equipment which will convert a battery voltage or any DC (normally a high current) into a higher mains equivalent voltage (120V, or 220V), however unlike an UPS inverters may lack one feature, that is these may not be able to switch from mains battery charging mode to inverter mode and vice versa during grid power failure and restoration situations.

Making an Ultrasonic Directive Speaker Circuit - Parametric Speaker System

The post explains the construction of a directive speaker system which may be used to transmit an audio frequency over a targetted spot or zone such that the person situated exactly at that spot is able to hear the sound while the person next to him or just outside the zone stays completely untouched and unaware of the proceedings.

Shop Shutter Guard Circuit

The shop shutter guard circuit discussed here guards your shop when its shutter is closed i.e., at night if an intruder tries to break the shutter, the piezo senses the vibration and the relay is fired to which a 230 volt bulb can be connected which makes the intruder think that someone’s inside.....but he don’t know he’s fooled by you!

Resistor Current Sensor Circuits

In many sensitive electronic circuits or loads, limiting current beyond a set threshold could be one of the most crucial requirements for ensuring a fail proof safety for the various vulnerable devices and components. A simple method of implementing using current sensing resistors has been discussed in this article.

Motor Soft-Start Circuit for Refrigerators

Refrigerators tend to draw appreciable amounts of current each time their compressor switch ON, and this could happen many times per day. A soft start circuit to the compressor motor could probably tackle this issue and help save electricity. The idea was requested by Mr. Naeem Khan.

Simple Walkie Talkie Circuit

The article explains a simple walkie talkie circuit that can be easily built by any hobbyist and used for communicating between rooms or floors or simply for having some fun across neighbors and friends. The range of this system is around 30 meters.

Making a "Helping Third Hand" for Aiding Soldering Jobs - School Science Project

The post explains a step by step construction of a "helping third hand" unit for assisting PCB soldering jobs in order to make the job much hassle free. The gadget could be very handy especially for the new hobbyists. The project was constructed and submitted by Master Ss kopparthy. Let's learn the whole procedure.

0.6V to 6V/12V Boost Converter Circuit

Normally, we all know that a silicon transistor would find it difficult functioning below 0.7V, unlike germanium counterparts which are capable of doing it with ease, however nowadays we don't often hear about these devices which have become quite obsolete with time.