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Dimmable Ballast Circuit

The post explains a simple 25 to 36 watt ballast circuit which can used for all fluorescent tube applications within the allocated range.

Smart Car DRL Controller Circuit

The post explains how the DRLs in a car may be controlled by reducing its intensity while the headlamps or the indicator lamps are being used, for enhancing its efficiency. The idea was requested by Mr. Rob. Let's learn more about this smart DRL intensity manager circuit.

Infrared Staircase Lamp Controller circuit

The article relates a simple automatic infrared controlled staircase lamp circuit which switches ON only during the presence of a passer-by and switches OFF automatically after a predetermined delay once the occupant vacates the corridor . The idea was requested by Mr. Sriram.

Darkness Activated Car Head Lamp and DRL Circuit

The post explains a simple automatic darkness activated switch for car head lamps and the DRLs, initiated by the ignition triggers. The circuit helps to save battery power and prevents unnecessary wastage of energy. The idea was requested by Mr. Vladnemir.

Ozone Water/Air Sterilizer Circuit

We are all familiar with thundering and lightning during stormy weathers and know how the effect is responsible of producing a lot of ozone and negative ions in the atmosphere. The same concept has been employed in the proposed water and air sterilizer circuit.

Non-Contact Current Sensor Circuit Using Hall-Effect IC

When it comes to sensing current (Amps) linear Hall-effect devices are the best and the most accurate. These devices can sense and measure current right from a few amps to many thousands. Moreover it allows the measurements to be done externally without necessitating a physical contact with the conductor.