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Fast Battery Charger Circuit

While checking for a fast battery charger circuit on the web, I came across a couple of designs which were not only useless but dangerous too. It seemed that the concerned authors had no idea what a fast charger actually needs to be like.

1000 watt UPS Circuit

In this article we discuss a 1000 watt UPS circuit powered with a +/- 220V input, using 40 nos of 12V/4 AH batteries in series. The high voltage operation renders the system relatively less complex and transformerless. The idea was requested by Aquarius.

Programmable Humidity Controller Circuit

The simple programmable humidity sensor circuit explained in this article can be used for controlling or maintaining a suitable level of humidity inside a close premise. The circuit could be used in poultry farms or similar areas where humidity level becomes crucial for keeping the animals healthy. The idea was requested by Mr. Tanvir

Mosquito Swatter Bat Circuit

Mosquitoes are a big menace to humankind and these are present in every corner of the world. A cool way of avenging yourself could by eliminating these "devils" through electrocution. A mosquito swatter bat is designed just for this. Let's learn how to build its electronic circuitry. The idea was requested by Mr. kathiravan d.

Make this Red LED Sign Circuit

The post presents a simple transformerless red LED sign circuit which can be made even by a novice. The circuit uses only a few high voltage capacitors, two resistors, and a few red LEDs.... nothing more. The circuit idea and the images were submitted by Mr. John Hungerford.

How to Make Car LED Bulb Using 3020 SMD LEDs

Typically all car turn signal lamps are around 12 to 20 watt rated which are traditionally incandescent bulb types and produce much lower light intensities compared to LED lights. Here we learn how these lamps can be replaced with high efficiency, high intensity car LED bulbs.

Simple Automatic Plant Watering Circuit

The post explains a simple yet effective automatic plant irrigation system circuit which can be used for automatically sensing soil humidity and triggering a water pump when the ground gets parched below a predetermined level (adjustable).