Digital Potentiometer Circuit Using IC DS1869

Feb 28, 2014

The post explains a simple, single chip digital potentiometer circuit which can be controlled through a single pushbutton, a dual pushbutton (up/down) or even through external digital (CMOS/TTL) input triggers.

Simple 1 watt to 12 watt SMPS LED Driver Circuit

Feb 27, 2014

Here we study a very simple 120V/220V smps LED driver circuit which can be used for driving high watt LEDs rated anywhere between 1 watt to 12 watts directly from any domestic AC mains outlet.

Car LED Downlight Connection Details

Feb 24, 2014

A car LED downlight available in the market can be easily integrated to an existing car battery if its rating is identical to the battery's voltage rating. Let's learn more regarding one such request sent by Mr. Allwyn Siqueira.

Bird in the Nest Indicator Circuit

The post discusses a simple infrared based proximity sensor circuit which is implemented to study birds and their behavior, by installing the circuit beside artificially made bird nests. The idea was requested by Mr. Jan Simberg.

Homemade UV Cell Phone Sanitizer Circuit with Countdown Timer

Feb 22, 2014

The post explains the making of a simple, cheap yet effective cell phone sanitizer circuit using ultra violet rays. The idea was requested by Mr. Shah (kristin).

LED Series/Parallel Connection Details for 50 Watt Street Lamp

Feb 20, 2014

In the previous post we learned an SMPS design which can be used for driving a 50 watt LED lamp made from 50 numbers of 1 watt LEds. Here we try to understand the connection details of the LEDs with the driver circuit.

SMPS 50 watt LED Street Light Driver Circuit

Feb 19, 2014

The post presents an SMPS based LED street lamp driver circuit which can be used for driving any LED lamp design right from 10 watts to 50 watts plus.

220V SMPS Cell Phone Charger Circuit

Feb 16, 2014

The post explains how to make a simple, cheap yet extremely reliable smps based 220V/120V mains operated cell phone charger circuit.

Making a Flynn Motor - Circuit Diagram Attached

Feb 14, 2014

The post provides an in-depth description of the Flynn motor concept and furnishes the rough replication details for the same.

DTMF based FM Remote Control Circuit

Feb 13, 2014

The post discusses a DTM based FM remote control circuit which can be used for controlling 4 individual appliances remotely by pressing four corresponding buttons on the DTMF transmitter handset. The idea was requested by Mr. Sunaabh Sarkar.

Inductors in AC/DC Circuits Explained

Feb 9, 2014

The post explains the response of inductors to DC and AC voltages as well as when applied with capacitors which is a compliment of inductor.

Making a Parallel Path Overunity device Circuit

Feb 7, 2014

The post explains the making of a parallel path overunity device through a few magnets and coils.

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